a little about copperhead kennels

We are a small kennel located 45 minutes south west of Lincoln, NE. We have all german shorthair pointers that vary in color from liver/white, solid liver, liver/white ticked/roan, solid black, black/white roan and black/white. We breed high quailty bird dogs that hunt and also make great family pets. Our kennel only produces 1 to 2 litters a year. Our dogs are all proven in AKC Hunt Tests, used in Kansas and Oklahoma as hunting guide dogs and used to hunt wild birds also. AKC Hunt Testing is not only a way to "prove" our dogs but a way to keep us active with with them for more than just the hunting season. Our dogs not only upland hunt but love water too. Pups are introduced to water depending on the time of year they are born. Copperhead Kennels takes pride and careful consideration before breeding. Our goal is to produce your next hunting/family companion. Any questions.....please feel free to give us a call. References from past litter/pup owners available.

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